The Unsung Heroes of Coronavirus

Parents are the unsung heroes of Corona.    On Monday this week I asked an absolutely adorable five year old boy if he misses being in school.  With the cutest expression, he titled his head with a big smile and he said “I’m good.” Mom and Dad

What we miss during Corona – 5/1/2020 Update

Bienstock Group Family, What we love to do during Corona and what we miss doing during Corona is insight into who we really are.  During regular life, when we’re a part of society, there are things we do out of societal obligation, to fill other peoples’ expectations,

Baking and Breaking Bread – 4/24/2020 Update

According to the media, America is short on yeast because Americans are baking bread like never before.  Reportedly all over the world people staying at home are baking bread.  At my house we’re trying all different versions of No Knead Bread.  So far, the classic