🎓 Happy Graduation from Covid! – TBG Update 6/18

I’m super excited for our open houses this weekend! Sellers know that it’s still a seller’s market, driven by low interest rates and limited supply. With a below-market-value list price intended to attract multiple offers, some sellers wonder just how high a price they can get

Open Houses Again Soon🏡 – TBG Update 5/14

We have an interesting offering we just put on the market this week! It’s a side-by-side Cape Cod style duplex with a finished garage at 807-809 N Curson. It’s fully remodeled in a Bohemian Chic designer super cool way. Before Covid the net income was

Human Life is Precious🐣 – TBG Update 4/30

It’s unfathomable that 45 people died last night in Meron at a Lag Baomer celebration. It’s always hard to wrap our heads around any tragedy, but when people die standing in a crowd at a joyous festival celebrating music, religion, inspiration, and the energy of