Our Favorite People 🤩 – TBG Update 10/16

Leslie Whitlock, small business owner of Leslie Whitlock Staging Company, passed away this week of complications from pneumonia and our team is grieving. Leslie was a talented creative independent stager with eclectic cool taste. I enjoyed working with Leslie because I love and appreciate talent

My Favorite Dish 🍞 – TBG Update 10/9

We recently took over an expired listing that was on the market for six months with another agent. We kept the price the same but we redid the staging, the cleaning, and of course all the marketing and the overall presentation of the listing. Within

Real Estate Automation? 🤖 – TBG Update 10/2

This week I had a conversation with a potential seller who believes that real estate will get automated and computers/websites will make real estate agents obsolete. As a person who passionately does real estate well, there’s no way you can eliminate the human part of

Always Learning 📚 – TBG Update 8/28

My travels in real estate feel like a lesson in sociology. I love to observe and to learn from the inspiring clients I get the honor to work with every day. I still remember a time so many years ago when I happened to be standing