Always Learning 📚 – TBG Update 8/28

My travels in real estate feel like a lesson in sociology. I love to observe and to learn from the inspiring clients I get the honor to work with every day. I still remember a time so many years ago when I happened to be standing

Reconsidering Priorities – TBG Update 7/31

It was interesting this week to meet different people leaving California. There’s the exec moving to Texas because the plan is for her to move her whole company out of California because state taxes are going up for the highest tier taxpayers in California to

The Best Food on Earth – TBG Update 7/17

My favorite thing about this time of year is summer fruit - large dark red nectarines that squirt juice everywhere when you take that first bite, huge pink peaches that are white and clawingly sweet inside, plums that are dark red when you cut into

Moroccan Salmon Recipe

1. Sautee red peppers cut in strips, 2 jalapeno peppers with slits cut into the sides, 1 carrot cut in discs, 1 clove garlic in a little oil. Sautee until soft. 2. Optional: add a can of chickpeas. 3. Add less than a cup of water, salt,

Self Storage When Downsizing and Decluttering

Storage When Downsizing and Decluttering In our recent blog post we discussed downsizing, a growing trend in property ownership occurring in areas with high property values such as Los Angeles. There are multiple benefits to downsizing your home. A smaller home means reduced monthly mortgage payments,