Empathy & Kindness 💖 – TBG Update 1/8

There are so many buyers looking to buy right now and not enough supply. We have multiple offers on multiple properties - from properties not yet on the market to properties on the market for several months. Fixers and houses that are move-in ready. The

Happy New Year! 🥂 – TBG Update 1/1

I remember the first day of lockdown in March, my young son-in-law, Danny, announced that the goal for the year of Corona will be not just to survive, but to thrive both during and coming out of the Corona experience. There’s no question that the

Remembering My Mom 🕎 – TBG Update 12/11

My mom’s Yahrtzeit is this Monday, the fifth night of Chanukah. Every year Chanukah is bittersweet and filled with extra special memories of my mom. My mom would bake a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting in the shape of a dreidel every year for

🎈 Making Dreams Come True – TBG Update 12/18

Selling real estate is so cool because it’s an up close and personal view into courageous humans navigating life’s transitions and experiencing the range of emotions that naturally go with the change. I love the humanness and the stories and seeing people jump through hoops