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Bunnies, Sea Lions, Halibut, and Horses 🐇 🦭 🐟 🐴 – TBG Update 7/25/2022


I’m excited for David and Sharon Altschuler that their house at 405 N Fuller is sold and they’re on their way to fulfilling their dream of moving to Israel after 24 years of living in their home on Fuller. The Altschulers proudly call themselves “homeless millionaires” (until they get their bearings and buy a new home in their new land).  It was such a joy and an honor to work with David and Sharon and the part I enjoyed most was that I could count on each of them to express their thoughts at any given time exactly the way they were.  Our communication was always reliably frank, transparent, honest, and so real.  It’s incredibly hard to live in a house while it’s prepared for sale, while it’s staged with furniture that’s not your own and without all your personal items, and then to live in a fish tank while your house is shown for an extended period of time.  The experience from the outside, as an observer, of people living through all of that was one of warriors with courage and determination to get to the finish line.  What I observed and learned from the Altschulers is fortitude with grace, courage and tenacity with optimism, and most of all an overwhelming love + respect + appreciation for all the humans around them through their experience.  The Altschulers are good people and I wish them the world…and then some!


A highlight of my week was touring Ozzie and Sharon Osbourne’s house that’s on the market for sale for $18,000,000.  What a delightful treat!!!!  There are fireplaces everywhere inside and out; my favorite one is downstairs in the basement in the movie theater!  I love the extra tall stained glass window in the double height dramatic stairwell going down to the basement.  The pink banquette in the kitchen is perfect.  The little girls’ ceiling has twinkle lights that are built-in and they turn on with a designated light switch so when the time is right, the stars can shine.  I love the gray velvet wallpaper in their closet.  I love the spot at the back of the house upstairs all set up to get ready for the camera – with swivel barber chair, makeup vanity lights around the mirror, and just the right natural sunlight.  Of course the yard is amazing, with fresh artichokes and tomatoes ripe in the vegetable garden boxes.  The original historical character detail with the perfect appointments, colors, fabrics, artwork throughout makes this property just about as perfect as it gets.  Someone very lucky is going to be the next owner of this very spectacular estate.


Our team has been working so hard on so many leases!  Our past client Yudi Schmukler referred us to his old neighbor, Lauren, to lease her place and then he forwarded me a screenshot that Lauren sent to him that said, “Hi Yudi.  A brief note of thanks for referring me to Sheri Bienstock.  She got me more than I had imagined and her team made the process painless.  Thanks again.”  I love that Lauren used to babysit her across-the-street neighbor’s kids and she talks about those kids like they’re her own grandchildren!  We recently leased 135 S Orange for $6250/mt, 119 S Orange for $6500/mt, 345 N Orange for $7250/mt (we were asking $6750), 144 S Mansfield for $6500/mt, 135 N Orange for
$6450/mt, 321 N Vista for $6900/mt, 308 S Highland for $9200/mt (we were asking $8900).  Last one available is 132 N Alta Vista for $11,000 mt (and we’re in talks with a potential tenant).  Coach Carolyn recently called our admins a SEAL team and seeing the way our 6 admins work collaboratively together on the leases, continuing to keep showing + hustling all the way until we have funds and signatures, that name tag resonates.  I couldn’t be more proud of the dedication, hard work, and passion the team embraces, all with a consistent commitment to get each job done right.


I continued my exploration of oceanside Oxnard this weekend, with Seth and Esti in tow.  Esti and I walked two hours along the whole harbor, spotting bunnies frolicking in the grass, sea lions barking on docks, and so many people waterside fishing for halibut, many smiling from ear-to-ear as they marveled at their prize. Word has it that someone caught a 110 lb tuna last week just off the Channel Islands! On Sunday, the three of us rode our bikes to Hoppers Boat Rental and then we chilled in our rented small 5 mph electric boat as we toured all the houses + boats in their slips along the canals.  And then we biked through Silver Strand Beach to see all the houses in that area.  While we ate brunch back in Hollywood Beach, we looked out the window and we saw horses with riders strolling on the sand, and dolphins jumping out of the ocean water.  On our way out of Oxnard we stopped at Hyun’s Tackle Shop to explore the world of fishing rods and licenses, and then one last stop at Island Packers in the Ventura Harbor, who have the exclusive on transportation to the Channel Islands.  Next on the bucket list is exploring the Channel Islands and catching a fish on our own!


Thought of the week is gratitude that we Angelenos can comfortably spend time outdoors at any time of the day and enjoy the temperature outside!  This week in LA I biked, played tennis, walked along the beach, showed all different houses, and worked in and out of the office and the car, and there was always a cool breeze blowing.  Talking to people who recently traveled through Europe in a heat wave, live the summer in Israel and in hot and humid NJ and NY, we are so hugely blessed to live in our hood!


Have a glorious picture perfect Los Angeles week ahead!




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