Oak Glen Apple Orchards

Weekend Adventure: Apple Picking at Oak Glen Orchards!  One of the most scenic spots in Southern California, Oak Glen is nestled in the heart of Apple Country, where it is cooler in the summer and winter offers enough snow to make snowmen. Folks can come up

Weekend Adventure: The Imperial Sand Dunes!

Weekend Adventure: The Imperial Sand Dunes! The Imperial Sand Dunes, sometimes called the Algodones Dunes, are the largest mass of sand dunes in California. This dune system extends for more than 40 miles along the eastern edge of the Imperial Valley agricultural region in a band

Skiing in Lake Tahoe!

Weekend Adventure: Skiing in Lake Tahoe! Lake Tahoe has been a vacation destination for over three thousand years, when the Washoe and Paiute Indians enjoyed their summer R&R at the Lake. For just about as long, Lake Tahoe has elicited superlatives from its visitors. The Washoe called it

Alaska: Harding Icefield Trail

Alaska: Harding Icefield Trail The 8.2-mile round trip Harding Icefield Trail is a spectacular day hike. Starting on the valley floor, the trail winds through cottonwood and alder forests, passes though heather filled meadows and ultimately climbs well above tree line to a breath-taking view of

Grand Teton National Park

> Jenny Lake Trail Grand Teton National Park Moose, Wyoming 83414 Taking the shuttle boat across Jenny Lake and hiking to Hidden Falls and Inspiration point is a must do for hikers wanting a spectacular several hour adventure. The boat drops you off at the trailhead. It's a .6-mile

Death Valley National Park

The white is salt! The mountains are sand dunes! Death Valley, CA 92328 In this below-sea-level basin, steady drought and record summer heat make Death Valley a land of extremes. Yet, each extreme has a striking contrast. Towering peaks are frosted with winter snow. Rare rainstorms bring vast

TSA Precheck

Speed Through Security Lines at Airports! TSA Pre✓™ is one of several intelligence-driven, risk-based initiatives helping TSA move away from a one-size-fits-all model to provide the most effective security in the most efficient way. The use of risk-based initiatives will allow TSA to maintain its high

Timna National Park Hike

Timna Park, located about 17 miles north of Eilat, Israel combines beautiful scenery with special antiquities and history. The horseshoe-shaped valley covers some 15,000 acres and is surrounded by steep cliffs. In the center is Mount Timna which is about 1500 feet above sea level.

Yellowstone National Park

> Yellowstone National Park Wyoming 82190 Old Faithful is a cone geyser located in Wyoming, in Yellowstone National Park. Old Faithful was named in 1870 during the Washburn-Langford-Doane Expedition and was the first geyser in the park to receive a name. It is also called the