LIGHT: Brighten the Space to Improve Energy

Living in Los Angeles, a climate with so much sunshine, buyers place a lot of value on natural light in their living spaces.  It is important to maximize all the natural light that enters your house.  There are various ways to increase the amount of natural light entering your home, both on a daily basis and during the sale process.

Increase Light During the Sale Process: Make sure to open all window shades and curtains and be sure every window and door to the outside is easily opened and accessible.  Also, replace all light bulbs with the highest wattage light bulbs the fixtures can hold throughout the house to increase artificial light and brighten the space.   If there’s a space that’s still dark, add floor lamps.  Light, natural and artificial, is hugely important for a house to show it’s best.  Removing all the window screens from the windows temporarily for the sale (you can store them during the sale so they can go right back on once the house is sold) will make more sunshine come in through the windows, which will make the house feel brighter.

Maximizing Daily Light: The most obvious way to increase natural light entering a home is to trim back exterior foliage. Thin trees and bushes that are within 10 feet of a window. This is especially important for windows that face North and South as they do not benefit from the light during sunrise and sunset.  Utilize sheer curtains on windows. This allows some natural light to enter while still maintaining a level of privacy within the home.  Another inexpensive method is to strategically place mirrors on walls that are opposite window walls as that will bounce light throughout the room, essentially acting like an additional window.