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600m Over the Caribbean 🌊 – TBG Update 8/6/2023

600m Over the Caribbean 🌊 – TBG Update 8/6/2023

I’m super excited about our new listing at 358/360 N Orange – first time on the market in 73 years!  The offering is a Grand Hancock Park Fully Vacant Character 1926 Mediterranean Duplex with 5076 sq ft of total living space inside + double 2 car garages, on a 7157 square foot lot on a beautiful tree lined quiet street in a great central location! Separate walkways and entrances to each front door, combined with grand scale rooms, truly makes each of these units a home. The property comes with a preserved original floor plan with period details, original Bachelder fireplaces in the living room of each unit, unusually abundant storage space, deep windows that pour in sunshine, and so much character and charm. Both units feature oversized formal rooms and 3 very generous bedrooms + 2 baths. Downstairs, the living room has a door to the porte cochere and the primary bedroom has a door to an outside porch area. Upstairs, there are 2 bonus rooms off the living room – one room over the driveway and a second over the front of the house. The upstairs has central HVAC. The backyard has a shared landscaped area and two keypad controlled, 2 car garages with a wide driveway to easily access them for parking.  The sellers are 3 sisters, Lorraine + Janet + Beverly, who grew up in the space and they inherited their childhood home when their mom passed away close to 100 years old.  It’s such an honor to represent the esteemed sellers and their prize property and we’re super excited to show at the first open house today from 2-5!

I’m super excited about our first open house today 2-5 at our new listing at 430 N Highland Ave!  When our whole team walked through the house together on Friday, guided by the lovely owners who have True Pride of Ownership, I decided that my favorite part of the house tour is the exterior walkway along the North side of the property.  Walking from the backyard to the street along the North exterior side of the property, it’s cool to see the meticulous (and pristine!) gutters and downspouts that end underground, with built-in drainage that takes site runoff water all the way to the rain garden on the front lawn.  There’s an exterior structure along that walkway with venting both in the walls and at the roof to house two 75 gallon hot water heaters with recirculating pumps.  There are multiple light wells to the basement with iron enclosures for safety and step ladders along the side for emergency egress.  There’s a side gate (with a combination lock) that opens to a walkway to a separate exterior staircase and entrance to the basement, making the basement into an additional dwelling unit to the house.  The handsome new windows, as seen from the exterior, have beautiful black grids.  Even to the naked eye, the quality of construction and attention to detail are blatantly evident from the vantage point of that north walkway.  This offering truly presents the rare opportunity to buy a house essentially built in 2020 that’s almost 6000 sq ft on an almost 10,000 sq ft lot in Hancock Park for significantly less money than it would cost to build that 3 story house new today (and without all the effort, carrying costs, permits, HPOZ + city process, and construction payments)!  This house is an exceptionally rare treat and buy!  

I’m excited for our first open house at 308 N Sycamore #108 today from 2-5!  Our immediate area has very few condos in general; a single family house that’s designer done, in move-in condition, and close to 2000 square feet would never cost just 1,700,000 in our area.  The Faubourg St Denis Building is stately, sophisticated, and uber special.  This offering feels like sophisticated Manhattan living….but in sunny California.  It’s elegant, spacious, historical, charming and super safe.  The owners are the best people, referred to us by the best people, which means that the buyers attracted to the space will very likely be the best people too.  It’s a complete honor to represent this space!

Our sellers at 126 N Rossmore are ready to sell!  I plan today to see 201 N Rossmore, right across the street and a recent flip, listed for 11,950,000.  105 N Rossmore and 145 N Rossmore both sold for more than 10,000,000.  126 N Rossmore, listed now for 4,999,000, is an amazing value add opportunity on a flat 20,000 sq ft lot just a hop and a skip away from hip, cool, and delicious Larchmont Village.  The owners are inviting offers and we’re open today 2-5 to find a buyer!

I’m holding on tight to the fleeting memories of this week’s way-too-short trip to the Riviera Maya with 3 of my married kids and their families; it’s so crushingly hard for me to say good-bye every time!  One favorite moment for me was when Eliyahu, age 2 1/2, was sitting on my lap on a boat and my son (Eliyahu’s dad) asked Eliyahu if he’d like to sit onhislap.  Eliyahu answered “No” and he explained to his dad that he’s sitting on Grandma’s lap.  My son asked a second time and Eliyahu patiently explained, “I love Grandma.  And Grandpa.  And Daddy.  And Mommy.”  (And he pointed to each person for effect.)  Another memorable moment was when all the kids and in-law kids sped off on jet skis and Grandma and Grandpa were left on shore, on the sand, next to the multi hued teal blue water, dotted in leafy palm trees with clusters of coconuts, to babysit all the babies.  I loved my role for the week as head adventure counselor, initiating the newer in-law kids into our family, where every member of the family flies 600 meters over the Caribbean waters in parasails.  I love how the in-law kids who snorkeled for the first time (along the second largest coral reef in the world) are instantly newly curious to know of other places in the world where it’s cool to snorkel.  I so appreciated the kids who asked to ride together with Seth and me to dinner at night so we could savor each precious moment of our way-too-short time together.  As a travel junky (whose favorite travel is to a warm strikingly beautiful ocean with lots of fish), a die-hard Mom and Grandma (who relishes and savors the roles), and a committed real estate agent (who will happily work from anywhere) this week hit the spot.  I’m counting the milliseconds until Miriam, Danny, and Gavriel come to visit us this week; I already told my daughter to figure out somewhere and some time to go chill because Seth and I want time with Gavriel all to ourselves!

I’m excited for the open houses at our 3 new listings, and 126 Rossmore, today!!!  Come visit!!!



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