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A Spectacular and Rare Jewel 💎 – TBG Update 8/21

A Spectacular and Rare Jewel 💎 – TBG Update 8/21

Everything I love to believe about life and about real estate is true at our Vista listing. The house is spectacular and a rare jewel. The owner took a 1933 Spanish home and she restored it in 2011 with every beautiful historical period detail intact and in the most meticulous, artistic, detail oriented way. There is high demand and reward in the world for Spanish historic artistically restored homes. And then there’s demand in the world for everything done exceptionally well. And so a bidding war naturally began and the extraordinarily lucky winner of the bidding war will be the proud new future owner of the uniquely amazing property.

There were two buyers who came to see the house who asked me for comps and wanted to talk about price per square foot. There are no comps for a unique rare jewel. It’s like wanting to compare a rare restored vintage antique car to a present day ordinary car; there is no comparison. The question doesn’t make sense.

There were sellers who immediately asked if they could sell their homes for the same price per square foot. I like to believe that in life, in general, what you put in is what you get out. People who choose to devote their life to body building look different than people who don’t choose to spend all that time with weights. People who choose to work part time sometimes have different incomes than people who devote their lives to working like machines round the clock. Similarly, sellers who meticulously restore their homes in fabulous taste and with intricate attention to detail get to reap the reward of a higher sales price per square foot than sellers who don’t choose to put in all that money, time, and effort. All of it makes sense.

I used to get asked if there’s a “manager” who will manage the multiple offer process. That question doesn’t make sense to me either. I love fiercely representing the sellers I have the extreme honor to represent. I love being completely honest and transparent with all agents, buyers, and parties and then having the seller choose which buyer is best for her and for her house. Every buyer ends up having different wants and needs and all those wishes are expressed in the price and terms of the offer they present. Every buyer has a story and every seller has an emotional reaction to that story. It makes most sense to me that a seller is best positioned to make a decision on who is the best next steward of their home based on the whole offer package that’s presented to them for each buyer. I’m humbled that this week no one asked about a manager and everyone felt respected though the process.

I love when life is honest, real, fair and so deserved all around. I hate gimmicks and secrets. I love openness and transparency and lots of details and good people getting the reward they so rightfully deserve. It’s cool to take a break from the uncertainty and to see one small moment of everything making sense in the world.

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