Bike Riding in Santa Monica


The Santa Monica bike bath begins at Will Rogers State Beach, Pacific Palisades and terminates at Torrance Beach. The full path is about 25 miles. The section between Marina del Rey and Will Rogers is very curvy, crowded, and filled with bicyclists and pedestrians alike.




The expanse from Marina del Rey to Torrance, passing through Redondo Beach and Manhattan Beach is for the more serious bike rider. It’s a fun, free activity to do year- round to get some exercise and enjoy the beautiful ocean scenery!

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Directions: You can start at any point along the beach. When we go biking, we take the 10 until it ends and then watch to the left for the sign that says “Perry’s”. If you miss the first one, there’s a second one that comes up pretty soon after. It’s less crowded if you bike away from the Santa Monica Pier.