Fish Canyon Falls
Azusa / Los Angeles County
Angeles National Forest / Southern California

Trail Stats
See Mileage note below
Mileage (r.t.) 5.4
Trailhead 720′
Fish Canyon Falls 1320′
Total el. gain 750′

Fish Canyon to Fish Canyon Falls offers a splendid hike. The 80-foot, three-tier waterfalls is one of the very best in the San Gabriels, when in season. The sparkling creek dances and bubbles over boulders and is often graced with quite pools. Abundant sycamore, bay, bigleaf maple, alder, willow, and live oak provide refreshing shade in many sections along the trail. Lush ferns, poison oak, and other green plants create a tropical feel. In the spring you are treated with a fine display of colorful wildflowers. The rugged, chaparral-covered canyon walls rise steeply above you. Indeed, Fish Canyon promises you a delightful outdoor experience.



Fish Canyon Falls