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Freefalling with a parachute🪂 – TBG Update 7/4

Freefalling with a parachute🪂 – TBG Update 7/4

I wrote an offer for a client this week and I marveled as the client told me about all the properties he owns right near the one he now wants to purchase. He bought so many great properties for such a great price. I asked him if he could share just one piece of advice that helped him personally build a real estate empire. Without skipping a beat, he replied that people should JUST DO IT. He said friends ask him all the time for guidance and recommendations, and what he observes consistently over and over again in all those conversations is fear holding people back. He said in the long term, it’s just letting go and moving forward that gets people places. Every purchase and sale has not been genius and it doesn’t matter. It’s just jumping in over and over again that builds the empire. It’s engaging and being in the game that’s the big success and gets the big picture results.

From my experiences helping people navigate real estate deals all day, my client’s advice is sage and spot on. I see so many people stuck and held back because they’re scared – scared to sell for too little, scared to buy for too much, scared to let a buyer do inspections on their house, scared to allow an appraisal contingency, scared to put their house on the market, scared to list for market value (because what if people negotiate below it).

Even as a professional who navigates real estate sales all day every day, when I personally buy or sell a property, I too feel the fear every time. There’s always fear of regret, of questioning the sales price, of making the right decision on all the different levels. But there’s something exhilarating and freeing about moving forward and getting to live through the scary choices and past the fear!

As an adventure junkie, there’s always the last second of fear every time… before you jump out of the plane with the parachute, or off the edge of the waterfall with the rappelling ropes, or off the cliff with the life jacket. An adventurous choice means you’re mid air for a bit before you land.

Chaos is an inherent part of change. Buying or selling a house is a big change and it comes with inherent chaos. Somehow these days it feels like everyone is even more sensitive to change and the uncomfortable feelings that come with it. Being the sherpa navigating people through the feelings of change today feels like a bigger deal than it did in the past; those feelings are somehow heightened today more than they used to be for so many people.

Interestingly enough, no matter how intense the uncomfortable feelings or the fear, there is still always exhilaration at the finish line. In fact, maybe the heightened uncomfortable feelings mean heightened elation once it all settles. For everyone the fear passes and elation sets in. Of course only for those who are able to push past the scary parts to get to the part where it ends.

At The Bienstock Group we firmly believe that house purchases and house sales shouldn’t be for the fearless adrenaline junkies only. We believe that everyone can get on board and JUST DO IT. We love what we do and we promise to hold your hand, and your fluttering heart, every step of the way. We know you’re scared of the part where you freefall. We’re the parachute and we got you. Our end game is your happily ever after.

Have an awesome weekend!


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