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Happy New Year! 🥂 – TBG Update 1/1

Happy New Year! 🥂 – TBG Update 1/1

I remember the first day of lockdown in March, my young son-in-law, Danny, announced that the goal for the year of Corona will be not just to survive, but to thrive both during and coming out of the Corona experience. There’s no question that the best part of 2020 at home was the time and opportunity to bond with my husband, kids, and in law kids and I so relished the chance to grow closer to all of them, and the best part of 2020 at work was bonding with my team and I so treasured the chance to grow closer to my work family. I always care deeply about my clients but 2020 took it to another level when everything became so much more deliberate and personal around the Covid guidelines. For almost 15 years, when a deal closes and I call to congratulate a seller, very often the seller expresses sadness that our daily interaction is coming to an end. 319 S Sycamore closed this week and like me, the sellers will miss our talking all the time. I think the “congratulations” call that ends the daily interaction with sellers felt just a little bit more real to all sides this year. Because the biggest lesson from Corona is that the best things in life are people and relationships, and warm and fuzzy stuff like reciprocal love, care, respect, and gratitude. This year all those things are so much more essential and special than ever before.

I was blown away and so inspired on a listing appointment that I attended with Berel this week. I walked through the house and my honest assessment was that the highest and best use for the property was as a development site for a new construction build. The house belongs to an older woman who lived most of her adult life and raised her whole family in the space. I was afraid to share the sensitive news that the house was best torn down. This seller had the most incredible daughter in law at her side. As I communicated the information about the property, this special daughter in law slowly and patiently broke down the words I said and repeated them to her mother in law with so much patience, intelligence, and respect. The mother in law looked her daughter in law in the eye, processed the words her daughter in law said, and she agreed entirely. I asked the daughter in law what she does for a living and of course she’s a nurse. After the appointment, I asked Berel how he knows the seller and her family, and of course Berel and his wife are best friends with the seller’s daughter in law and her husband. Berel said very matter of factly that obviously he would only choose to be super close to people who are smart, kind, respectful, and inspiring. Obviously.

Bonnie Bruckheimer, our sales rep at Vesta Home, has an inspiring background too. Six years ago, at age 70, Bonnie decided to make a career change from Production to Sales Rep for a Staging Company. Bonnie started a whole new career at age 70 and now at age 76, she is doing amazingly well at the job, and absolutely loving what she does every day. I love that. I want to be inspired and hustling and loving what I do professionally at age 76 too. I love Bonnie’s wide smile and high energy and how she cares about and follows the details.

I’m super excited for our new listing at 167 N Fuller. It’s a rare treat when a two story Spanish character house on an 8250 square foot lot comes up for sale on a beautiful block. This house is unusual being one of the rare few that are gated and hedged from the street in an HPOZ area. It has a beautiful pool + spa with a waterfall + an outdoor kitchen and shower in the backyard, and ponds and so many palm trees in the front yard. There are 4 bedrooms total – 3 upstairs and 1 downstairs. And a bedroom + bath + kitchenette in the backhouse (that has a spiral staircase to a rooftop deck). The location can’t be beat just 3 blocks to The Grove and Pan Pacific Park! With updated electrical + plumbing, newer roof, bolted foundation, extensive landscaping, new pool equipment, and updated kitchen and baths, this house is a gem of an offering.

I think the coolest part of Corona was that the world shifted and we learned to shift with it. We can’t go to large gatherings anymore, but our intimate gatherings with our families can be savored. We can learn to plan, circumvent, and figure out how to conquer challenges and uncertainties. We can learn to be more patient and understanding when people are afraid or anxious, so that we can support and encourage them through it. Most of all, we learned that while there is so much we can’t control as individuals – the worldwide pandemic, the national political climate, the economics of the different financial markets, the government regulations and shut-downs – there is also so much we can control. Internalizing and learning all those lessons means we didn’t just survive but we thrived. And when the pandemic ends, we’re going to live in a world that’s a better place. Coming up…there will be a happily ever after.

Happy New Year!


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