Harry Langdon

“I met Sheri Bienstock over 3 years ago when she was in the early stages of her real estate career. She sought me out with letters and a personal visit. I liked her and thought then, if and when I ever wanted to sell my home on McCadden Place, I would give her strong consideration. As time went by, she kept me up to date on the real estate market in Hancock Park. When it came time to decide on a broker, I only considered her, even though I know reasonably well about a half-dozen other brokers in Hancock Park.

I have no regrets. Given the difficulties of the sale brought on by both the buyer and the seller, she did the impossible and was the key ingredient to getting the house sold. I am convinced that no other broker would have gone the extra “miles” to get the sale completed.

Sheri is:
-very intelligent
-willing to work very hard to get a transaction to close
-knows how to solve very difficult problems arising during the sales process
-does not give up when an obstacle is in the way of completing the sale
-easy to work with
-open to ideas
-knowledgeable about the local real estate market, current and recent past
-has a large potential client list
-knows what needs to be done to present the house for sale”