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Inspiring Gratitude & Appreciation 🙌🏻 – TBG Update 9/25

Inspiring Gratitude & Appreciation 🙌🏻 – TBG Update 9/25

One of my most favorite sales of all time closed this week. The house at 106 N Vista was such an honor to represent. The owner painstakingly restored her house in 2011 to look the way it would have looked historically in 1933 when it was built. She preserved all the character – the arches and the original millwork and the beautiful floors and original doors. She added beautiful windows and fixtures. The result was absolutely spectacular, Anything done exceptionally well in life is a rare treat and to have the opportunity to work with a rare treat is a special gift. There are a handful of houses from all time that I’ll never forget and Vista is definitely one of them.

It was so fun to bump into the new owner of 300 N June this week and to spontaneously hear how much she loves her new house. There’s something so special about that property too. Like Vista, the seller of 300 N June, so meticulously restored and then maintained his house to such a high standard. Working with people with high standards is especially fun. It’s also fun when cool people connect with cool properties and appreciate them so much. I love happily ever after.

We have 5229 W 2nd Street coming up for sale. The house is gated and hedged and celebrity owned. The current owners had world famous designers plan the most exquisite renovation of the whole house and we have design boards and inspiration. This house is an amazing party spot; I hosted my daughter and son-in-law’s engagement party at the house the last time it was listed and the party was fabulously fun. There’s amazing flow downstairs all the way from the living room with the soaring high ceiling to the glass doors to the backyard. The backyard is all hardscape so perfect to host the band and the bar. The waterfall in the pool, that we lit up in all different colors, was refreshing and pretty at the same time. A unique feature of this house is the third floor attic space that the current owners planned to turn into a movie theater. New owners will no doubt continue to make this house more and more fabulous!

My mom had a theory about the Jewish holidays that they inspire gratitude and appreciation. Fasting makes us relish food and drink when the fast ends. Eating outside in Sukkot makes us appreciate the luxury of our dining rooms with heat and air when we go back inside. It’s fun and exciting to go back to our regular diets when the Passover diet ends. Every weekend we stop technology for the day on Saturday – it’s fun to take a break and it’s fun to go back to it when Shabbat ends. There’s a certain newness and freshness, and there’s something restorative, about elimination and restoration.

At the beginning of Corona, there was some cozy aspect to hunkering down at home and connecting to our loved ones in a bubble. Like a holiday, it was special. And now we look forward with eager anticipation to the restoration when we get to go back to our regular lives hosting open houses, shopping in brick and mortar stores, smiling without masks and greeting each other with warm hugs. Given how long we’ve experienced the elimination, there’s no doubt that we will relish what we once took for granted and we will forever be grateful for the things that used to be mundane. I can’t wait for the happy ending!

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