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KEY’s Wonderland School

KEY’s Wonderland School

Do you want your child to stay true to her roots?

KEY’s Wonderland School can make it happen. Having originated from a franchise of schools in South Korea, KEY’s is a preschool, child care, and day care center aptly located in Wilshire Center’s Koreatown.

Medium of instruction
Here you’ll find a warm and fun-filled environment that encourages learning. There are Korean-speaking and non-Korean teachers, and depending on which classes they’re handling, they may give instructions to students in either English or Korean.

This is a wonderful way of making sure your child grows up to be bilingual, developing written and verbal proficiency in both languages.

It also gives them a sense of comfort and familiarity, being around teachers and fellow students who speak the language they use at home. This will likely make them more communicative at school, hence facilitating better and more active participation in the learning process.

Learning opportunities
KEY’s Wonderland School believes that learning isn’t confined to the four walls of the classroom. Far from it – on top of a solid curriculum, students go on field trips on the first Friday of the month. This creates opportunities to learn outside the classroom setting, which some students might find a bit restrictive, and gives them something to look forward to.

To nurture your child’s creativity, the school also brings in instructors to teach dance, music, and the arts. They organize plenty of shows and other activities that the students’ parents or caregivers can attend.

Warm lunches
The school serves lunch to make sure that the students’ nutritional needs are attended to. Korean and American food options are both available, so regardless of which cuisine your child is more partial to, she’ll have something good to eat at school.

KEY’s Wonderland School tries to serve organic food as much as possible, something you’ll appreciate if you’re particular with the quality of the food your child consumes.

The best of both worlds
KEY’s Wonderland School offers more than outstanding preschool education and child care – it helps strengthen your child’s connection to her Korean heritage and identity. It creates a diverse environment where no student will feel othered or isolated because of her cultural background.

On top of that, the school fosters creativity, treading the fine line between play and artistic expression. So if your child has a proclivity for the humanities, she’ll be encouraged to develop her talents when you send her to KEY’s Wonderland School.

You’ll also feel involved as a parent – shows and events will let you see what your child and her classmates are up to, as well as give you a clear idea of how her abilities are progressing under the school’s guidance.

With KEY’s faculty, your child can get off to a good start as far as her education and personal development are involved.

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