Ladder to Your Dreams 🌥️ – TBG Update 7/16

We have a castle duplex for sale at 907-909 S Mansfield and we can show Sunday between 2 and 4!!! The property is huge, over 5000 square feet, and each unit has 4 beds and 3 baths. There is so much character and historical details, including stained glass, multiple balconies, private gardens, so much beautiful molding and millwork. The floor plan and curb appeal are both amazing. With a little bit of love and restoration, this duplex is absolutely a trophy property.

I had so much fun this week on listing appointments! A seller texted to come by at lunch time so I took the opportunity to come with lunch. I never before sat at a dining room table and had lunch with a seller who was a stranger and there was something so cool and fun about it! A different seller had a room in her home set up for acupuncture and I was curious to try that. So I went back for an acupuncture session, and we spoke about the potential sale and the sellers’ wants and needs while I had needles sitting in my neck, earlobe, and between my thumb and index finger. I love trying new experiences and meeting new people so that appointment especially hit the spot!

A special highlight of the week was going out with our team to celebrate Nechama’s birthday! It was so fun to hang in a local restaurant and interact with all our shared clients who were dining around us! Conversation was fun too; at a local listing that we’re not representing there are 5 offers and 4 of us put offers in for clients! The server at the restaurant asked about the seller who had the lunch he prepared for the listing appointment…and if she’s going to be moving forward to sell her house. Josephine did such a cool Soul Cycle Brittany Spears themed class on the sand at Santa Monica Beach facing the ocean!

It was so fun to go touring houses this week with one of my favorite past clients. The first house we toured had a spot in the living room where Bob Baker Marionettes would make marionette shows for the owners’ kids. And there were Peter Luers framed pictures of the kids on the walls with little lights over them. The local agent pointed out the Peter Luers pictures and she said EVERYONE had a Peter Luers picture in the day. So true! I remember my Peter Luers mother-daughter picture where both of us got dressed up formally and did a super stiff pose with serious expressions and every single hair sprayed in place. How cool to be a small local business that everyone knows and loves and remembers so many years later. I want to be like that!

We’re just starting the process of getting a house in Hancock Park ready for sale. I first met and started engaging with the sellers in August 2019 when they had a thought to move to another area but they were scared. They love their house and it’s hard to separate. And it’s such a big job to pack up and move. I spoke to the seller yesterday when the moving truck drove away with all their furniture and belongings packed up on it. He sounded SO excited. We discussed it and he and his wife are both hyper excited. It is a huge decision to move and also a huge job. But people who choose to embrace life and pursue their dreams push through the hard work that it takes to get where they want to go. I always revel in the shared experience of the sellers’ excitement as they start to see their dreams come true. It’s an honor to be on the journey with people from the time they have the thought all the way to when it becomes a reality for them.

At an inspection this week, the owner of the termite company we work with for years was telling me his story of trying out the restaurant business, failing, declaring bankruptcy, and then going on to be super successful as a real estate developer after. What he shared is so true; life is like a game of Chutes and Ladders. Most of the time we’re going up small ladders and down small chutes. Sometimes we hit a big chute or a big ladder. Hard to say which one provides the more valuable life lesson. Failing means we’re innovating and taking risks, which means we’re embracing and living life. It’s such a spectacular honor to be embracing and living life with my team and with my clients. Our goal and end game is to be your massive ladder and help you climb all the way until you reach your dreams!

Have an awesome weekend!