Majestic and Historic Hancock Park

You know you’ve made it, when you can purchase a home in the elegant, magnificent and historic neighborhood of Hancock Park. Home to some of Los Angeles’ most grand and glamorous estates and many of the “Old Hollywood” screen stars from the 1920’s-1950’s, this area is once again, attracting the Hollywood elite who can blend into this affluent community of distinct homes that was built around the grounds of a private golf club in the 1920’s by the Hancock family with profits earned form oil drilling in the former Rancho La Brea. This family also mined the famous tar pits to the west for asphalt to pave the streets of San Francisco.

Architects including Wallace Neff and Lloyd Wright built in a variety of styles while preserving the essential character of the neighborhood. The beautiful homes, scenic streets, green rolling lawns and its majestic feel makes this a perfect place for everyone to live. The location is not some remote suburb, but is nestled in the center of the City, within walking distance to the shops on La Brea and Larchmont Village. The past few years has seen rapid development on the periphery of this area, specifically Larchmont Village which is centered on Larchmont Boulevard between Beverly Boulevard and 3rd Street. From famous retailers to specialty boutiques and confectionaries, Larchmont Village embodies all that is Old Hollywood glamour combined with the young spirit that permeates Los Angeles.

Hancock Park is home to many fine private schools that reflect the diversity of the area. From Yavneh Hebrew Academy and St. James Episcopal School to the esteemed Marlborough School, there are a multitude of alternative choices to public education. The public schools are outstanding, as well. From Hancock Park Elementary School to Larchmont Charter Schools, your children will blossom as beautifully as the exquisite greenery that defines this unique and majestic area.

We recently sold the Grand Hancock Park Estate at 124 N. Rossmore for $5M.
Own a piece of history in this heavenly neighborhood.