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Mazel Tov! Welcome Baby Nechama! 👶🏻 – TBG Update 5/7/2023

Mazel Tov! Welcome Baby Nechama! 👶🏻 – TBG Update 5/7/2023

Mazel Tov

We recently sold a property that was tenant occupied for almost a decade by a good tenant. The long term tenant was understandably disappointed that her landlords chose to sell their property that had previously been a long term rental. I walked through the property with the owner and right after the owners formally notified the tenant that they would be selling the property. I got in touch with the tenant to coordinate next steps and the tenant let me know that she would only be available on Saturdays to accommodate showings and appointments. The tenant said that her lawyer told her she only had to make “reasonable accommodations” and since she works remotely at home since Covid, “reasonable” for her meant Saturday only. She said the owners could sue her in court but everyone knows the courts always rule in favor of tenants so that would be an uphill battle for the owners. She said she’d be open to vacating in 15 days for $30,000 and in 30 days for $20,000. She’d also possibly be open to being more accommodating in August if there was no urgency to sell. She sent me an email citing and attaching ordinances that laid out “her rights,” inviting me to verify with the housing department that the law was entirely on her side.

Our sellers on this property (actually like many of our clients) are lawyers. They looked up the ordinances the tenant cited in her email (which I forwarded) and they also looked into the current laws themselves. They said that the tenant was entirely wrong about the laws and her rights. A landlord has a right to sell their property without tenant interference. And as lawyers, they were perfectly comfortable getting judicial assistance to support their rights as owners. In a very amicable, impressive, efficient and drama free exchange, the tenant vacated in 2 weeks and the property was sold immediately.

I am truly honored and grateful to work with smart educated clients. Most of what I know in life I learned by example, observing and facilitating real estate transactions. My favorite outcomes are equitable, fair, and friendly. This particular exchange was fascinating because I never would have guessed that the happy peaceful ending would so quickly and efficiently follow the abrasive confrontational beginning.

My daughter Esti is 15 and in the 10th grade. On Friday Esti’s teacher dedicated a class period to “Heritage and Lessons from the Past”. Esti raised her hand to speak about her grandmother, My Mom. Esti’s teacher told the class she wants to share her own personal story about My Mom. Esti’s teacher shared that her oldest daughter got married many years ago, and as her mom, she was hit immediately after the wedding with a strong wave of emotions, grieving and loss at the happy life change. She walked into La Brea Kosher Market, a local neighborhood grocery store, with a dazed look on her face. My Mom stopped her grocery shopping and walked over to her to say, “You look like a woman whose daughter just got married.” My Mom shared her own similar experience and the teacher felt supported and validated. So many years later Esti’s teacher remembers My Mom’s kindness and how much better she felt from it. Esti was surprised when a random nearby seatmate leaned over and whispered, “You inherited your Grandma’s character trait.”

My nephew and niece, Yakov and Aliza Klein, welcomed their new baby Nechama (named after My Mom) to the world this past Tuesday. My wish for Baby Nechama, and for all of us, is to create moments for others where they feel supported, validated, and cared for and the recipient remembers the kindness so many years later!

Wishing all an incredible sunshine filled week ahead!



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