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Moroccan Stuffed Artichokes 🥬 – TBG Update 6/3/2022

Moroccan Stuffed Artichokes 🥬 – TBG Update 6/3/2022

Our company will not be holding any open houses this Sunday in observance of the Jewish Holiday of Shavuot on Sunday and Monday.

I’m excited for the first open house at 613 S Mansfield and 404 S Cloverdale on Tuesday from 11-2! 613 S Mansfield has striking curb appeal with a waterfall feature on the front exterior, it has 4 bedroom suites upstairs and 1 bedroom suite downstairs, it has vast open space and extra large rooms consistently throughout the house, and it’s located on a block that dead-ends in a private park at the corner. 404 S Cloverdale is a little hidden gem of a house that feels like a pied a terre in the middle of a bustling city. It has two charming stories with 2 beds and 1 bath upstairs and the downstairs opens to a magical private manicured backyard with built-in planter beds and so much greenery. Both houses are walking distance to amazing shops, restaurants, museums, and landmarks in the area. We can’t wait to meet the buyers who fall in love with each house!

Real estate is officially headed back to normal. On Tuesday, we have 5 open houses, which we haven’t seen since Pre-Covid. If these 5 houses stay open (we hold open houses on our listings every Sunday and every Tuesday until the house is contingency free), we’ll soon have 7 open houses in one day. In truth, this is more of a regular market; the way real estate was trading at lightning speed during Covid wasn’t sustainable long term. One of my favorite parts of working in real estate is paying close attention to strategy and then implementation of the details. I love connecting with the sellers as an experienced advisor/consultant through the sale process. The longer interactions afforded by listings staying more time on the market creates increased connection through interaction between agent and seller; I’m absolutely loving the connection with the sellers as we navigate the journey together.

On our listings that are active and not in escrow yet, we’re seeing lots of interest and activity. We have offers on each one. Buyers are working thoughtfully and deliberately – visiting multiple times, writing offers and then sitting with their offers to reflect and make sure they want to move forward, shopping lenders and interest rates and wrapping their heads around the costs of home ownership. In short, we’re seeing clear expressions of interest and also some anxiety around buying a house in a time of flux and uncertainty. It’s interesting to observe first hand the reaction to the changes in the market on the ground in real time. Every property has buyers circling and demand is strong even as supply goes up.

I’m proud of our brand new agent, David Karp, for opening his very first escrow with our company, having been a part of our group for just a little over two weeks. I appreciate that David shows up to every training with a passion and an eagerness to learn + grow in order to succeed. I wholeheartedly believe in setting out to learn, to grow, and to figure out what it takes to succeed…and then actually implementing it and getting there.

On this holiday, and before Raizy gets married, my thoughts are on my Mom. My Mom put her all into everything she did and she loved making the holidays festive and beautiful. My mom loved to garden and her garden was always full of beautiful flowers and a whole population of buzzing bees feeding off of them. Shavuot is the holiday of flowers, and to keep with the theme, my mom used to go out to her garden with her gardening shears the day before the holiday started, and she thoughtfully cut so many flowers in so many lengths. She’d spend hours before the holiday started assembling all different creative arrangements with the colorful flowers from her garden, and then she’d efficiently figure out how to prop all the vases in her trunk so none of them would fall while she drove, and then she drove around and delivered a fresh cut homemade artistic flower bouquet to all the people who she thought might appreciate some good cheer. My mom’s flower arrangements were beautiful and filled with love. On this holiday, I look at the center of my table and I miss my mom’s homemade flower arrangement from her garden made just for me.

If my mom was here, she’d enjoy the Moroccan stuffed artichokes that I prepared for a holiday meal, and then she’d go back to her house and she’d figure out how to tweak the recipe and elevate it to the next level so that it got even better. My mom lived to never-ending standards and she loved to set the bar higher and higher as she worked to perfect the details of everything she (and I) touched. My mom, and the people around her, loved to enjoy the fruits of all her directed and artistic efforts! And I learned to adopt those never ending standards too….thanks Mom!

Wishing all a beautiful weekend and for those who celebrate, a joyous and festive holiday!


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