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Average Home Prices
$1,299,000 Lowest
$31,000,000 Average
$150,000,000 Highest
Average Home Statics in Terms of
$1,299,000 Lowest
$31,000,000 Average
$150,000,000 Highest
Average Home Price Per Square Feet
$760 Lowest
$2,218 Average
$7,197 Highest
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Do you want to find homes for sale in Downtown Los Angeles? While Los Angeles, CA does not operate in the same way as many other American cities, Downtown is still an excellent neighborhood for those who want to feel like they’re right in the middle of it all. The city’s central business district is home to over half a million jobs. Downtown LA is bordered by Echo Park to the north, Boyle Heights to the east, Vernon to the south, and Westlake and Pico-Union to the west. Through a combination of legislation aimed at stimulating redevelopment, and artists and young people’s attraction to lower-cost housing in the area, it is experiencing a renaissance of sorts. Buildings are being restored for new condos, co-working spaces, and other modern spaces. Downtown LA is home to the LA Metro Rail, the Staples Center (home to 250 events a year), The Broad (a contemporary art museum), the Walt Disney Concert Hall, and many other cultural centers. As one might expect, the area is highly diverse.

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  • Majordomo

  • Bestia

  • Grand Central Market

  • 71Above

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  • Alliance Gertz-Ressler High

  • Frank Lanterman

  • Alliance Dr. Olga Mohan High

  • Downtown Business High

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