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Neighbors Are The Best Friends-TBG Update 10/8

Neighbors Are The Best Friends-TBG Update 10/8


I’m super excited for the two new duplexes we have for sale!  4030-4032 Edenhurst is a large, sunshine filled duplex with a big shared pool in the backyard right near Los Feliz, Atwater Village, Glendale.  It has the perfect Spanish character and floorplan, hardwood floors, beautiful deep windows everywhere, and lots of upgrades.  6669-6671 De Longpre in Hollywood is also drenched in sunshine.  It’s amazing how long and wide the living room is; it feels like a living room in a single family house.  Both locations are perfectly central and just right.  I can’t wait to start showing each of them!

I love the anticipation of preparing properties for sale, studying each detail, and strategizing where it makes sense for sellers to invest money into prep and where the buyers can figure out what to add on their own.  My favorite pastime is getting lost in thought, thinking through all the different steps all the way to the end and coming up with a plan.  I’m so excited about the projects we have coming up!

We just dropped the price on our listing at 959 S Longwood to $2,375,000.  The owners got a new job in Seattle and they’re ready to move to Washington State.  So many buyers have come to see the house over and over and over and over again. The sellers lowered the list price by $100,000 because they are ready for the buyer who loves the house most to meet them at their new number, to buy the house, and then to love living in it as much as the sellers did.  These sellers are among our favorites, and so I’m excited to meet buyers who will no doubt be as smart, respectful, kind, and upstanding as they are.

Before my daughter Miriam got married in March 2019, she wrote a moving song, to the tune of an old song from 20 years ago, with all her thoughts on her wedding day about remembering and missing my mom, her Grandma, and the influence Grandma had on Miriam’s life.  I was sitting alone in the backseat of an Uber in NYC this Monday, the day before my son’s wedding, and a few minutes into my ride the original song from Miriam’s “Grandma Song” came on the radio!  With tears making their way down my face and on to my lap, Miriam’s words to the same tune played in my mind, “Grandma..You created life, a new world you began….Our lives and our homes were built by you.  And you filled us to the brim, passed on to a new generation, created a home, created a world filled with your love….All this here, down below, is because of you.”   My mom would have so loved to be at Dovid and Avigail’s wedding with us on Tuesday night.  She was there.

My thought today is what a profound impact neighbors have on each others’ lives.  After each of my kids’ weddings, both our neighbors and the other side’s neighbors have all thrown such heartfelt, beautiful and memorable parties for their neighbors and friends.  I’m so looking forward to my neighbors hosting a party for friends in honor of Dovid and Avigail next week.  It seems to be common in all different communities and cities that neighbors make the best friends.  It makes more sense than ever before for buyers to explore different neighborhoods, blocks, communities, and to find where they fit in and belong.  And for all those who dream of connection, neighbors seem to connect universally with neighbors so there’s opportunity.  I love when our sign goes in a lawn and the neighbors visibly grieve their loss at the beginning of the process of their neighbor moving away.  I think it’s a cool goal for all of us to aspire to be that neighbor that no one ever wants to move away.

Wishing everyone an awesome weekend!



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