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Preparing For The Los Angeles Rain (2024)- How To Weatherproof Your Home:

Preparing For The Los Angeles Rain (2024)- How To Weatherproof Your Home:

The Los Angeles rain has begun, and it’s important to monitor the forecast to ensure our homes are weatherproof and stay protected from potential water damage. In Southern California, heavy rains are infrequent, and therefore many homes are not sufficiently prepared and protected for this type of stormy weather. Water damage can be costly and dangerous so putting the necessary measures into place now is very worthwhile!

Here are the most important measures to ensure your home is weatherproof and can stay dry through the LA storms:

1)Ensure Gutters Are Clean and In Place:

Most homes are equipped with gutters. The main purpose of home gutters is to ensure that water is removed from a property. If water collects around the foundation of a property, it causes many foundational problems. Over time, dirt and residue can build within gutters and prevent proper drainage. It is necessary to have gutters cleaned before a large storm to protect your home’s foundation. Gutters also need to be properly secured to drain water effectively. If your gutter is not properly slanted, cleaned, or attached, it can result in water damage to your home. Hiring a gutter specialist to check and maintain gutters routinely is essential to make sure your home is rainproof.

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A diagrammatic 3D illustration of a Rain Garden drainage system. Rainwater run-off is diverted from the gutters into an underground pipe to a small retention garden area, where it is absorbed by the plants and ground.

2)Check The Downspouts:

Once you have checked that your gutter system is functional- clean and in place, it is important to check where the drainage point lies. If a downspout is discharging water at the base of the foundation, and the water is seeping back into the foundation, then it will cause foundational problems. The most important thing is to ensure that all water is being drained completely away from the property. Sometimes, this involves installing an extender that allows the eater to be released further from your property line. 

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3)Roof Maintenance:

A common way homes are damaged from the rain is through roof leaks. Roof leaks are caused by several factors- but regular maintenance of your roof can help ensure it stays waterproofed. It is necessary to maintain the vents and check if they are working properly. Removing debris, insects, and dirt from roofing vents helps to ventilate moisture out of the roof. If your roof has damaged shingles, replacing them can extend the lifespan of the roof. Another measure that can be added is a water-resistant coating of your roof materials. Ask your local expert if this is recommended for the roof of your home!

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1137 Ridgeley Drive- Listed By The Bienstock Group

4)Check Your Yard Drains

Yard drains are important to drain excess water from the backyard to the street. Since yard drains are not used regularly, they are often forgotten and not maintained. Over time these drains can accumulate dirt and debris and become clogged. It is important to clear drain lines as part of the routine annual maintenance of your home.

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5)Trim trees and vegetation

Believe it or not, the landscaping of your home can make a big difference when it comes to waterproofing! Leaves and branches from trees can clog gutters and drainage systems. Plants and planter beds up against the house can often hold rain against the side of the home. Oftentimes, heavy plantation against a home can prevent a home from drying out after a strong rain storm. It is important to maintain your home’s landscaping to ensure a dry clean system!

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Maintaining these features of your home with annual maintenance will help ensure that your home stays safe and dry all winter long!

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