Sneak Peak Tuesday🤫-TBG Update 8/27

This week is the week of multiple offers.  We have multiple offers on 5 different properties – 4 for sale and 1 for lease. People often ask me casually in social situations for the best strategy to win a multiple offer situation.  On our listings, there aren’t any gimmicks or tricks to it.  It’s always the buyer who clearly wants the property the most that wins in multiple offers.  Going through our listings at the moment, on one property it’s the buyer who wrote the first offer and who also responded to the multiple counter offer within minutes of receipt instead of waiting for the next day right at the offer deadline.  On another property, it’s the buyer in town who won over the buyer who only saw the house over Facetime from Martha’s Vineyard on vacation.  On another property, it’s the all cash buyer who can close in 2 weeks without getting a loan who won over the buyer who needs a 30 day escrow period.  On a lease, it’s the prospective tenant who offered to start paying tomorrow.  The strongest buyer is always the buyer who sends a very clear message to the owner that they want the property and they’ll close.

Lately we’re lucky to have the opportunity to see how much value we bring to transactions because we’ve been taking over listings that were for sale by owner or on the market previously with another agent.  On one property we sold the house immediately for 120,000 more than the highest previous list price.  On another we went into escrow in days of our new listing after the property was previously on the market for a year.  On a recent favorite we sold the house for 450,000 more than the unrepresented offer the owner seriously considered accepting before she decided to hire an agent.  The value proposition of our business is netting our clients the most money we can, and it’s super fun when we get to hit the jackpot for them (literally and figuratively.)

I’m challenging myself personally now to choose the design on a house that’s getting renovated.  I’m doing this project primarily for professional development purposes to learn for myself the ins and outs of interior design and renovations firsthand by figuring it out on my own.  It feels like I’m getting a brain transplant and I’m fascinated at how many details there are to understand at every turn.  I was (and I am) the absolute biggest fan of talented interior designers and my little professional development project is giving me a glimpse into and therefore an even greater appreciation for their talented, intricate, and artistic work.  I’m looking forward to many future collaborations with interior designers with my newfound understanding, appreciation, and overwhelming respect for what goes into the houses they turn into masterpieces. 

We’re offering a sneak peak open house this week Tuesday 11-2 at 535 N Formosa.  The house has been on the market but tenant occupied and therefore hard to show.  The tenants are moving out and the house is getting staged on Monday.  The early birds who know to sneak in on Tuesday 11-2 will get a first shot at buying the house before we take pictures and advertise it vacant, set up, and all prepared to get sold!  With houses selling in multiple offers these days, and these owners ready to jump on an offer that comes in first, this Tuesday’s showing is an opportunity for those who seize it.

It’s hard to believe we’re just a little over a week to Rosh Hashanah.  My dream is for the new year to usher in so much health, happiness, and rich life experiences and memories for all of us!  May this next year be magical on every level!


Have an awesome weekend!