St. James Episcopal Day School

School is an extension of the home, and if you want your child to stay grounded in the Episcopalian faith, sending her to one that honors traditional Christian values will definitely help.

Nestled in a tree-lined street in Los Angeles, St. James Episcopal School serves preschool to sixth grade students. Though steeped in the Anglican tradition, the school is hardly backward – as a matter of fact, it embraces diversity and inclusivity. It also creates a joyful environment where children can learn the value of intellectual curiosity and collaboration.

Quality education
Instead of promoting rote learning, teachers encourage students to construct meaning as they gain knowledge, and to apply what they’ve learned to new situations. Students also take a participatory role in the process – they’re free to explore, investigate, and probe their environment.

The school believes that students must be equipped with thinking strategies that will help them resolve conflicts and solve problems. The curriculum nurtures both critical thinking and creativity to help children face a wide array of scenarios.

Students are also given the opportunity to hone their leadership skills and learn to face real-world challenges. The Student Leadership program is comprised of three phases:

  1. Preparation – Students join team-building activities and workshops that tackle entrepreneurship, public speaking, and conflict resolution
  2. Creation and implementation of student-led projects – Students present ideas, then move forward and manage their own initiatives
  3. Leadership Showcase – Students plan and organize an event to showcase their hard work

Most importantly, St. James instills in its students a strong commitment to ethical behavior, along with an appreciation for the differences that make each human being an individual.

Spiritual guidance
The school conducts a number of faith-based activities to ensure students’ spiritual growth. These activities include:

  • Weekly chapel services
  • Weekly religion classes
  • Daily classroom devotions
  • A monthly All-School Chapel
  • Special services that commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., African-American History Month, Grandparents Day, and Special Friends Day

Worship and religious instruction revolve around the idea of inclusivity – not only do students learn about God, they also learn how religion is practiced elsewhere in the world.

Instead of being passive observers in these activities, students partake in community service through cross-age reading, visiting the local preschool, collecting goods for their sister school in Haiti, growing the school garden, and helping with the church’s soup kitchen.

Global citizens
St. James’ strives to produce global citizens who proactively look for ways to serve the community. The Service Learning program provides students at all grade levels numerous opportunities to explore and take part in social and environmental issues that affect the vulnerable and underprivileged.

The school’s service learning projects are supplemented with reflective reading and meaningful classroom discussions.

Through service learning, students become compassionate and caring individuals who understand their responsibility to others, and are compelled to serve those in need.

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