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Summer “Nectar”ines = “Food of the G-ds” 🍑 – TBG Update 7/11/2022

Summer “Nectar”ines = “Food of the G-ds” 🍑 – TBG Update 7/11/2022


Over 40 groups of people came through the open house at 409 N June yesterday!  People love the floor plan – huge backyard with both grass and pool, extra spacious kitchen that opens to both breakfast room and family room (and yard), large dining room, two story entry, prime location.  It’s rare to come across a house built in the 1990’s in Hancock Park with so many bedrooms and so much backyard.  It’s true that some people (most?) may opt to remodel the kitchen, bathrooms, floors, and pool but even with those upgrades the end result is a newer construction house in an ultra prime location that’s over 7000 square feet with an incredible yard.  Even though there was conversation among the open house goers about how the market “probably slowed down”, so many people who showed up shared that they could close in 30 days or less and so many prospective buyers talked of budgets for a new house way higher than the $7M price tag for 409 June.  There is a lot of buyer demand for Hancock Park at the moment.

We rented 809 N Detroit for $5,250 a month (our asking price).  We’re inundated with showing requests to see 119 Orange, 135 Orange, and 144 Mansfield.  We have 345 N Orange coming up for lease soon.  119 Orange is a downstairs unit, 135 Orange is an upstairs unit, and both 144 Mansfield and 345 Orange are two story attached townhouses.  345 Orange is a very recent entirely designer remodeled unit and it’s super chic.  144 Mansfield has a large shared pool in the backyard, which is so unique.  It’s interesting that so many of these units have become available because the tenants decided to buy a house.  With rents going up, tenants are motivated to buy instead of rent.

At 542 N Citrus we initially had the 3rd bedroom set up as an office because the room is off the living room at the front of the house.  We now changed the staging in that room to show it as a bedroom so that it’s presented as a true third bedroom, as advertised.  The house feels so spacious and light and the backyard is so great.  With a two story garage/guest house in the private hedged yard, this house is charming and neat.

In the duplex category, both of our present sellers are ready to sell.  531-533 N Poinsettia and 535-537 N Poinsettia lowered the asking price to $2.15M and $2.25M.  333 N Orange lowered the price to $3.2M.  Both of them would love to entertain offers.

We had the world’s biggest treat hosting Raizy and Mordechai this past weekend.  Sunday morning family activity was accosting the very professional squatter, Sergio, who parked his BMW 7 series car in the garage at our listing, and was sitting on the staged couch with a glass of (staged) wine when we walked in on him.  Sergio had his French baguette and salami sliced on the kitchen counter, a bath filled with water in the master bathroom, his own router set up for internet access, and his toothbrush and toothpaste laid out in the bathroom.  I asked Sergio why he’d move into someone else’s home and his answer was “why not”.  I asked him if he broke any glass and he said he didn’t; he picked locks and unscrewed screws and he used duct tape, cardboard, and sheets to cover windows so that light and shadows wouldn’t be detectable from the street.  It’s uncanny how nonplussed and unapologetic he was, albeit cooperative about opening the garage door and pulling out in his BMW very nicely when asked.  He took his snack size Tropicana orange juice out of the refrigerator and he calmly sipped it on his way out.

The California locally grown summer stone fruit is absolutely delicious this time of year!!!  At Trader Joe’s they sell wooden crates of jumbo large nectarines that are dark red on the outside and bright orange on the inside and they’re insanely delicious. Over 95 percent of all the nectarines that are grown in the United States are from California. Nectarines take the name from the word “nectar,” meaning “food of the gods.” Oxnard grown watermelon that’s hard, bright red, and extra juicy is also incredible.  Plums, pluots, apricots, peaches, donut nectarines, cherries… We’re so lucky to live in LA where we have locally grown mouth-watering overwhelmingly delicious fruit, especially now at the peak of the season!  The flavors and colors are absolutely intoxicating!

Wishing everyone an awesome California summer week ahead!



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