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Thanksgiving Thoughts 🦃

Thanksgiving Thoughts 🦃

On this Thanksgiving Holiday, I’m filled with gratitude.


I’m grateful for the incredible group of sellers with houses in escrow that we have the extreme honor to represent at the moment.  I’m grateful for the sellers who texted me two weeks before the close of escrow for the name and number of really good cleaners because they want to leave their house immaculate for the sweet family who is buying their home.  I’m grateful for the sellers who believe in over-disclosure and they share every little detail of every possible thing their buyer might want to know so there are absolutely no surprises down the road.  I’m grateful for the seller who is part of a tight group of friends and I’ve represented every single friend in their group when they sold their house….and I love working with every one of them.  Most of all, I’m grateful for all the warm and fuzzy feelings that go in all directions as we wholeheartedly dedicate ourselves to represent our sellers through the intricate process of selling their prized homes.


I’m grateful for the twists and turns of real estate.  Our buyer was so sad she lost the house of her dreams last week (which made us have to console ourselves over Magnolia Bakery Banana Pudding)…but then all of a sudden the house came back on the market and lo and behold we’re in escrow now after all!


I’m grateful for my work family, our team of people who share a strong work ethic and a resilience and tenacity to work through change.  Since interest rates have gone up, we’ve been focused and concentrating on adapting, iterating, and working so hard in the new climate.  It’s an extraordinary blessing to work as a tribe and for my tribe I’m eternally grateful.


I’m grateful for the young Israeli teenage girl who lives across the street from Miriam, Danny and Gavriel because she loves to take Baby Gavriel out for walks and to the park.  To show gratitude,  Miriam asked Gavriel’s sweet babysitter friend if there’s anything she dreams she could own from America.  She wishes for furry Ugg slippers and I’m excited that they’re on their way to her right now.  I’m over-the-moon grateful for Seth and I to spend the long holiday weekend with Baby Gavriel, and my two married daughters and sons in law because time spent with the people I love who live way too far away is my ultimate dream come true!


Wishing everyone an incredible Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend!



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