The Best Food on Earth – TBG Update 7/17

My favorite thing about this time of year is summer fruit – large dark red nectarines that squirt juice everywhere when you take that first bite, huge pink peaches that are white and clawingly sweet inside, plums that are dark red when you cut into them, and oversized plump red and yellow cherries. Best food on earth! The farmers markets have incredible fruit if you can get there on the specific days and during the specific hours they’re open. Otherwise, I love Farm Fresh Produce at The Farmers Market; their fruit right now is exquisite.

I was at The Farmers Market this week for the summer fruit and a gentleman approached my car with a mask all the way down on his chin asking if I could do him a “favor.” He flashed what looked like a credit card way too fast to identify what was on it, saying he was a veteran. He said he ran out of gas and he left his wallet at home and he needed $14 for gas. He looked utterly shocked when I handed him the $14. From his expression and the way he went about the whole thing there’s no way he was telling the truth. But that’s okay. I wish he took the money and he bought some delicious fruit from the stand a few feet away from where we were standing. And I wish he found joy in that fruit like I do.

My thought for the week is that we mostly get out of life what we put into it. I believe that most everything we do in life requires a whole lot of attention to detail and effort and those who pay attention and sacrifice to put in the effort get to reap the rewards of their labor. I don’t believe in short cuts or skipping steps or getting “lucky” doing half the effort and it all works out the same anyway.

Just about every single seller we meet is naturally reticent and afraid to spend money and time preparing their house for sale. Obviously it’s so much easier and simpler and seemingly safer to put a sign in the lawn and to sell the house as is. It’s also scary to invest money (sometimes borrowed) into a house that’s going up for sale. Sellers don’t always personally care for the look of houses prepared for sale because it’s different from the way they choose to live. So often sellers explain that when they bought their house so many years ago, they weren’t influenced by condition or aesthetics. What makes my soul sing is getting sellers top dollar from the sale of their house and like everything else in life that pays offs, it takes hard work and taking a risk and investing time, money, and energy to reap the reward of a super successful top top dollar sale. I love every part of the process of working hard and spending time and then seeing the fruits of our labor in the high sales price of our sellers’ houses and it’s such an honor to shepherd people through the hard parts and all the way to the fun parts each time. There’s little in life that beats the satisfaction of a successful outcome at the end of a project and one of the most fun parts of the job is getting to the happy finish line!

This Sunday, we’re showing 3 houses in 15 minutes increments by appointment. 151 S Citrus is from 11-12. 130 S Highland is from 12-2. 462 N Highland is from 2-4. It’s been fun to show houses in increments by appointment while traditional open houses are not allowed.

There have been around 30 showings for 130 S Highland in a span of a few days. No offers just yet, but fascinating how many people came to see the house. I think it’s because there’s a special attraction of a beautiful house in move-in condition with a big yard and a pool, especially as we’re getting shut down again. Highland is a little bit of a busy location but these sellers put in double paned windows so it’s super quiet and the backyard is so sheltered from Highland and so big. I studied the MLS this week, and the 90036 zip code in particular, and there’s such a huge advantage to house size and lot size on Highland for the purchase price compared to every other street in the zip code.

462 N Highland is a celebrity owned mid century modern house with lots of lush landscaping and privacy, It’s an interesting open concept single story house on the corner of Rosewood so lots of easy parking and quiet access through the garage on the quiet side street. The house is decked out with marble everywhere – most spectacular marble is on the floor in the foyer, on the kitchen counters and island, and all over the master bathroom. There’s something artsy and hip and sophisticated about the house through and through. Many are trying to identify the familiarity from seeing the house on social media.

I’m super grateful when we get to work with rockstar agents who are consummate professionals and efficient and just great people. We all loved working with Leah Guerra, who represented the buyer who bought our listing on Hi Point this week. Working with great people is a big part of loving what I do and I’m grateful.

Interesting sights this week were: a barber shop on La Brea between Rosewood and Clinton where the barber moved his operation to the sidewalk so he could continue to stay open outdoors (I wonder if anyone stops him!), so many restaurants carrying tables and chairs out to the sidewalk, so many thermometers with temperatures being taken before walking into stores, manicures and gyms completely closed. I feel bad for businesses suffering and closed especially those businesses with high rents and other high fixed costs.

As our city goes in the direction of shutting down some again, which comes with inevitable tension and stress, I wish for all of us to counteract it with activities and spaces and people who bring us joy and peace. That succulent delicious summer fruit with deep colors and flavors – especially shared with some of my favorite peeps – hits the spot for me!

Wishing everyone an awesome weekend!