The Cave of Munits

The Cave of Munits is also called the Shaman’s Cave and Bat Cave. The climb into the cave is VERY steep and not for the faint of heart…but it’s very cool if you dare try. Located on the edge of El Escorpion Park in the Upper Las Virgines Canyon Open Space Preserve, the gargantuan Cave looks like the lair of an evil comic book villain. After you park and walk .75 miles, you will see a sign and a fence. Take the trail on the right past the fence. You will see a narrow opening in the rock in the distance. It’s about .25 miles from the fence. Climb up to the hole. The Cave is a “chimney cave”, meaning there’s a hole up top through which you can see the sky.

Directions: Only about 35 minutes from our area (and kind of cool). It’s in Calabasas. You take the 101 to exit 29 – Valley Circle Blvd, make a right and go to Vanowen, make a left on Vanowen and park and walk along the paths to the cave.