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The Wagon Wheel School

The Wagon Wheel School

The world is a tapestry of different people and cultures, and the Wagon Wheel School’s students know this from an early age.

Aside from making sure that they receive quality education, the school promotes creativity, independent thinking, and cultural awareness.

Recognized by Parent Pick as one of the most coveted preschools in Los Angeles, it prepares Pre-K students for future schooling and any exams they’ll need to take to advance their studies.

A haven in Hollywood

Located in a quiet corner of Hollywood, the campus features an exquisite garden surrounded by four immaculate buildings. Three of them house classrooms, while the fourth is an auditorium designed by parents who work as architects and interior designers.

The auditorium serves as a performance space where children learn music, dance, and participate in physical activities. The garden opens out into discreet play areas where students can play with building blocks, or simply engage with nature.

A second site at St. Aidan’s Church Campus in Malibu also offers sufficient space for fun and learning.

Guided by principle

The school’s philosophy revolves around the following:

  • Education – Multi-sensory, theme-based activities enable faculty to meet every child’s learning needs. They take a hands-on approach but at the same time give students the freedom to tackle challenges and finish tasks on their own so that they feel empowered.
  • Arts – The school provides children with the tools they need for creative expression, as well as organize cultural and musical events each month.
  • Environment – Creating a warm and loving environment is essential to learning and making students feel at ease.
  • Family – The school creates ways for parents to volunteer and become part of their child’s school experience.
  • Self – The old adage “Children should be seen and not heard” doesn’t apply here. In fact, students are taught to become effective communicators.

Learning through creative means

A mix of indoor activities and outdoor fun create an engaging environment for students. Here your child will be introduced to basic math concepts, letters, shapes, and colors by way of art and science projects. A stronger emphasis on academics in the higher grades ensures that she’ll be scholastically prepared for anything.

The school’s Handwriting Without Tears program will help her refine her handwriting and penmanship, as well as improve letter recognition.

She’ll be tasked with keeping two journals – one where she’ll draw monthly face portraits, and another where she can draw anything she likes.

The former will be used to monitor how her attention to detail matures, while the latter is meant for discussion purposes with the teacher, encouraging her to become conversational.

If your daughter is a born entertainer, class presentations will give her the chance to sing and dance in front of an audience, helping her build her self-esteem and confidence.

She’ll also become more expressive, thanks to weekly show and tells that encourage here to talk about a topic that’s close to her heart.

The Wagon Wheel School is just one of many reputable preschools in Los Angeles. Here you’ll find schools where your child can become part of a diverse and bright crop of students.

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