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What Will Happen in 2021? 📊 – TBG Update 11/20

What Will Happen in 2021? 📊 – TBG Update 11/20

I’m so excited to show our new listing at 160 S Poinsettia by appointment this Sunday from 12 pm to 2 pm! The sellers’ parents each lived until almost 100 years old in this house! The air conditioning is updated but otherwise, most of the house is original, including the handsome Spanish curb appeal, the inside courtyard with a towering palm tree, the in-tact architecture throughout, and the original brick deck with bbq in the large backyard. The location is amazing and the lot is almost 8000 square feet. It’s so fun to represent a house with so much history and so much potential at the same time!

I love experiencing the stories of why people are buying houses today. There’s the house where the family is able to put down so little because their relative served our country as a veteran. There’s the house a wealthy sibling is buying for their sibling as a holiday gift and really so the nieces and nephews can live close to their wealthy aunt and uncle and be close to them physically and more so in their relationships. A widow is buying a house to live close to her son so she isn’t lonely after her husband’s death. A family is buying a house in the Third Street School District as their only child is ready to start school. A family is relocating from NY to start their life in another state with fresh careers, dreams and aspirations. The fabric of people’s lives as they buy a new home share a thread of hope, renewal, memories, connection, and fervent dreams that are being chased with so much passion and drive.

As Corona continues, I feel a fighting spirit out there not just to survive but to get situated and positioned to thrive. The culture and environment around us is tense as the world goes back to shutting down…again. But there’s a palpable energy in the world too as people push to arrange themselves and their families better. It takes more gumption and strength and effort than it ever did in the past for people to get where they want to go, but somehow there’s also this sense that it’s more worth it now than ever to chase those dreams!

The most common question I get these days is around predicting the future and where real estate values will go as we head into 2021. What we’ve collectively learned as a world community from this pandemic is that we can’t predict the future and we can only live with what we have before us today. What I see from all the people I have the honor to observe daily is that the best way to do today is to dive deep inside to uncover what truly matters to us and to do whatever it takes to make our souls sing. What will always hold true no matter what is that the best endeavor at any time is chasing after our dreams and doing whatever it takes to make them come true!

Have an awesome weekend!


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