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2-4-6-8 The Bus Driver🚎- TBG Update 2/27/2022

2-4-6-8 The Bus Driver🚎- TBG Update 2/27/2022

I’m super excited for our new listing at 2006 S Rimpau! The seller bought the property at auction post foreclosure completely blind. He never went inside, he has no information on the occupants + floorplan + condition. We listed the property for market value and we also cannot go inside, we have no information on the occupants, floorplan, or condition. The sale is land value only appealing to a developer who seeks to relocate the current occupants and then tear the structure down. We got multiple offers immediately. In fielding calls, it’s interesting how many people asked what the seller paid for the property. Buyers very often want to know what a seller paid for a property and when the seller bought it. The price a seller paid for a property has no relevance to a buyer; only the fair market value is relevant. A smarter question is what other buyers are willing to pay because ultimately the sales price will be the highest and best offer with the best terms from the pool of interested buyers.

We have a charming new penthouse 1 bed/1 bath condo unit in the 525 N Sycamore building. The kitchen was remodeled in 2018 and the bathroom was remodeled in 2015. There’s a community pool, sauna, and key FOB access gated subterranean garage with parking and storage. I first met this sweet owner, Pam, years ago. When I went to see Pam recently, she had a very close friend with her and it felt like Pam and her friend were family but they couldn’t be more different or a more unlikely pair. I asked the two of them how they got so close to each other and they said they used to be neighbors before the friend moved away. Their friendship is so inspiring and it began in the hallway of that building! We have Pam’s condo open today from 1-4 and we’re excited to show it!

We have a new 3 bed + 2 bath upstairs Spanish unit for lease for 4500 a month, which is a great rental deal in today’s climate! The unit is spacious, clean, filled with sunshine, and on a great quiet street. It’s vacant, available immediately, and easy to show any time!

I’m excited for the single story character Spanish with a pool + backhouse that we’re preparing and getting ready to bring to market this week. We’ve been talking to the lovely owners for around a year and a half now, which means that we all know and really like each other, and here comes the fun part of getting Matt and Lauren top dollar for their awesome home! I can’t wait for the showings to begin!

The market continues to be a high adventure. There are multiple offers on every property. Many of our listings are going into escrow, canceling the first time, going into escrow with a new buyer immediately, and closing with the second buyer. As a recommendation for those looking for buyer representation in this current competitive market, it makes sense for the consumer to extensively interview a prospective buyer’s agent before committing to work with them. As part of the interview process, it’s smart to find out how many deals the agent has closed and in what price point and category of sales (experience), how familiar the agent is with the area being considered (expertise), how well the agent understands the purchase agreement and the contingencies that are part of a sale (knowledge), how well the agent understands the loan process, and how effective the agent is at communicating reciprocally. We’re seeing consistently on every sale that working with competent, experienced, talented agents gets the buyer effective representation along with getting the deal to the finish line.

I went to Boston this week for one day for a real estate conference. LAX was teeming with people, and the lines to get through security at LAX were overwhelmingly long. I put two fingers on the CLEAR screen and it got me escorted to the very front of the TSA PRE-CHECK line. It felt amazingly crazy when the agents said for everyone to let the CLEAR passenger cut into the line and go first. It is absolutely worthwhile to go through the quick and easy process to get both CLEAR and TSA PRE-CHECK.

I met Seth in Philadelphia for Shabbat to visit Seth’s elderly parents who have been mostly home-bound since Covid. My boys and their wives (and my grandson!) joined us! What a treat! I brought frozen food from home: a raw rib roast from Jackie at La Brea Market (always amazing), homemade Challah bread, cream of chicken soup (best recipe from my cousin Chantzy on instagram). Chassi made and brought eggplant dip, choc chip cookies, and apple crumble. Avigail made a delicious coffee cake. Dovid made an artisan ¾ whole wheat no-knead bread. The kids are used to driving to take care of their grandparents so they took the lead and shopped, prepared, cleared, and organized the kitchen. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude and so proud of my lovely two daughters in law who are kind, not spoiled, hardworking, and really good sports about sharing one bathroom with lots of people!

At the Boston airport I mistakenly got on the wrong airport shuttle that wasn’t going to terminals but went to two other remote stops at the airport instead. When I discovered my mistake, I got nervous about missing my flight. The incredibly kind bus driver told me to stick with him and he would make sure to get me where I needed to go. He finished his route, spoke quietly on his walkie-talkie to a supervisor, switched his shuttle to a different number on the screen, turned his bus around, and took me right to Terminal A. He was a big burly man on the outside and he had the biggest, most caring heart on the inside. Chance encounters with kindness have a profound touching impact on us and change us in some inspired little way forever! I’m now on a mission to pass that kindness forward!

Have an awesome weekend!



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