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Barking California Sea Lions🦭- TBG Update 5/01/2022

Barking California Sea Lions🦭- TBG Update 5/01/2022

I’m so excited for our three new listings that are coming to market this week!  The first is a single story house with 3 beds, a big kitchen with a center island, and a large family room off the kitchen, for 1,895,000 – pictures being taken Wednesday.  The second is a two story house with 5 beds on a corner lot in a cool location for 1,995,000 – pictures hopefully Friday.  The third is a fully vacant updated duplex with double 2 car garages + a rec room (bedroom) with a ½ bath + plumbing for a shower – pictures hopefully Friday too.

Both escrows we closed this week ended up being over 60 days.  Historically it’s unusual for us to see 60 day escrows. The first was a buyer who put no money down and got his entire downpayment from the government, which took time.  The second was a seller who needed more time to move and a buyer who would have preferred a 30 day escrow but needed cash back from the transaction for closing costs so was flexible with timing.  We have a buyer in escrow now who is stretching to buy the house of his dreams; he sold his cars to improve his income/debt ratio until after the sale closes.

I have so much awe and admiration for generous people who so naturally do the right thing.  My favorite moments are when I have the honor to meet cool people who do life well and I want to concentrate so hard to memorize and emulate the behavior that makes them a class act.  I admire people who figure out how to have realistic expectations so their baseline is “reasonable” and anything above and beyond reasonable is recognized and appreciated.  I admire sellers who trust and follow professional advice and then score when they have an uber successful sale. I admire buyers who write offers way over the asking price because they confidently want a house so much that they know it’s worth the money (and they have good taste and a keen eye so they’re right).  I admire people who have the courage and the energy to do the hard things that earn them just rewards.  I’m overwhelmingly honored and grateful that I get to be in the company of so many cool people that I admire!

I love going to Oxnard for Shabbat!  California sea lions breed May-June, the gestation period is 11 months and the pups are born June-August; there are so many vocal sea lions in Oxnard right now and observing them is a National Geographic Moment.  I loved being greeted as “Mrs. Seth” in Chabad of Oxnard and I also loved being offered a glass of wine before afternoon services; both the greeting and the offer made me laugh and hit the spot.  I loved sitting with the girls on the lifeguard stand and watching the ball-of-fire sun in the striped pink sky set into the teal water. I love living an overwhelmingly productive, mentally stimulating, action-packed brain frying workweek spinning my wheels like a machine and then completely spacing out and recharging in sleepy, peaceful, quiet, sea-salt-smelling Oxnard with the foamy waves, swept sand, and deserted shores.

Today and tomorrow are Rosh Chodesh, the first day of the new Jewish lunar month!  It was fun listening to the girls sing Hallel this morning, a song of praise and thanksgiving for the new month!  I love celebrating new beginnings!  May this new lunar month bring peace, health, happiness, joy, laughter, and so much radiant sunshine to all our homes!!!!



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