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Elephants in Thailand🐘-TBG Update 9/20

Elephants in Thailand🐘-TBG Update 9/20

Years ago I asked my husband, Seth, what would be his most extreme wildest dream.  He couldn’t answer on the spot, caught off guard by the spontaneous question.  Without thinking long and hard, I thought my wildest dream would be many years in the future, all our kids with spouses and kids, sitting on elephants riding along the beach in Thailand.  Seth thought that was wild and crazy; his dream would be more along the lines of key basics and the necessities and needs of ordinary day-to-day life.

This morning I did a Zoom call with five sibling sellers in different locations planning the sale of their dad’s house.  The house is in pretty original condition and I’m encouraging the sellers to invest around $50,000 to prepare the house for sale – paint inside and out, redo floors, stage, landscape, get new light fixtures, etc.  One of the sellers logically argued that the house will need to be gutted and redone – plumbing, electrical, roof, kitchen, bathrooms – and their $50,000 will likely go to waste when the new owners redo everything the sellers did to prepare the house for sale.  But it won’t, I explained.  Because the $50,000 spent to prepare the house for sale will be invested to set the beginning of a buyer’s dream.  Key to seeing the potential in their new house is potential buyers seeing fresh paint, current furniture, clean floors, and new light fixtures.  Given a clear overall picture of what the house could be, potential buyers will get on board with the renovation project.  The new owners will need to do the basics like plumbing, electrical, roof, HVAC, kitchen, and baths, but it will be with an endgame in mind and the endgame in mind will be from the preparations the sellers did to prepare the house for sale.

I like to think in terms of stretch goals.  I love listing appointments and thinking in terms of the highest sales price a seller might possibly get for their home.  I love multiple offers and buyers stretching to win their dream home and so elated when they are victorious.   And I love preparing houses for sale to create a vision of a stretch goal for a potential buyer.  It’s ok if it’s necessary to do the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC to get there.  It’s the extreme wildest dream that I love to set up and have people imagine to encourage them to buy the homes.

We have 10 days of Sukkot holiday meals coming up tonight.  I love to go to the farmer’s market and see all the bright colors and flavors and imagine the vibrant, flavorful colorful dishes that could possibly be made for all the holiday meals.  I think the extreme wild dreams and possibilities of all those colors and flavors is all the fun.  Today at the Larchmont Farmers Market there were Australian finger limes, lemon cucumbers, raw gherkins, bi-colored, purple black, and yellow tomatoes, passion fruits, kiwi berries, and yellow watermelon.  I love exotic and crazy fruits and vegetables, even though each meal needs basics like mains and hearty side dishes.

The foundation for most things well done in life is in the myriad details of all the basics.  But to live happily ever after, I believe we need stretch dreams.  I like to think of myself as an ambassador of setting up stretch dreams in the homes we sell. My fervent wish is for everyone to discover their stretch dreams first, but really for everyone’s most extreme and wildest dreams to come true!

Chag Sameach!



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