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Memory Is Priceless ✨ – TBG Update 4/30/2023

Memory Is Priceless ✨ – TBG Update 4/30/2023

Memory Is Priceless

I’m super excited for our new listing at 801 Cochran! The house is 2119 sq ft on a 9502 sq ft lot. Because it’s on a corner, the whole house is filled with sunshine. The views out the windows are bright green grass and mature trees, including huge fruit filled kumquat and lemon trees. The family room has doors out to the yard, and there’s a great outdoor living room and bbq area on the porch right outside the house. The garage is easily turned into another dwelling unit. The neighborhood is friendly and central and the combination of all the features of the offering makes this the perfect starter home! Every vendor and team member who interacted with these owners voted them from the nicest and coolest people we meet, and it’s absolutely unanimous by every person! Which means that the new owners will likely be the same. I can’t wait to meet the lucky buyers of this home!

I went on a listing appointment this week and I asked the owner why she called me. She said I met her friend in 2018 and her friend enjoyed that encounter. I am said to have written the owner’s friend an email in 2018 and this owner still has a copy of the email I wrote to her friend that this owner and her friend both liked. I went on a listing appointment a bit of time ago where the owner said he spoke to me at an open house at 355 S Lucerne. I listed Lucerne from August to October 2015. It’s interesting that the owner still remembers a conversation at an open house that happened 8 years ago. We have a listing coming up soon. The owner’s son and daughter-in-law bought a house in 2013 where I represented the seller and a buyer’s agent represented this owner’s son and daughter-in-law as buyers. Their thought during the transaction was that the representation was better on the other side and so the dad made a mental note for the future when he would be hiring a listing agent for a property of his own, and now he’s acting on that mental note.

Seth, Esti, and I spent the last 10 days doing serious Spring Cleaning (Empty Nest House Cleaning) now that it’s just the 3 of us most of the time. The hardest part of the endeavor is deciding what to keep and what to purge. I found the headpiece and bridal veil I wore at our wedding (keep). Seth found a paper note I taped to the oven in our first apartment when we were newly married almost 30 years ago letting him know I left for (night) college but his favorite dinner was warming in the oven. Seth found a loose picture of me at age 21 kissing our newborn son, Yakov (I loved him to pieces the moment he was born). I found all my Mom’s tiny beautiful Judith Lieber bags – the square bag with all red stones, the poignant all black stone bag, the first Judith Lieber bag Mom bought (tiny and silver), the diagonally striped gold and silver bag, the alligator rhinestone bag (keep all and in their soft pouches.) I found my Mom’s quilted leather Chanel clutch with a gold chain (went to The Real Real because I never wear bags). I saved my Mom’s beautiful belts even though I know I’ll never wear those; Mom looked so chic and elegant with those beaded masterpieces around her trim waist and I like memories of her looking exquisite. Twelve years ago Mom bought me a set of Sterling Silver Cutlery Service For 16 that I’ve never yet used (maybe it’s time). We saved my original handwritten recipe card file, even though all those recipes are typed and printed in our Family Cookbook that Raizy put together. All the pictures are the best, from the ones of Seth and me on Matterhorn at Disneyland the day we got engaged to the baby pictures of the kids we took at Kmart on Fairfax & Third when they were babies and toddlers.

It’s fascinating how objects, conversations, and moments from the past are often more meaningful in the future than we knew at the time of a present experience. My thought of the week is that it makes sense for us to be super present today and to give every part of our life everything we’ve got so that in the future, when we have an opportunity to look back to today, we smile and we reap the rewards of a life well lived in the moment.

Wishing everyone an awesome week ahead!



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