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Stay At Home Update 4/17/2020

Stay At Home Update 4/17/2020

Real estate, like everything else that matters in life, is somehow more special now.  111 S Hudson just sold. The young family who is just the 4th family to own the home since 1939, requested to spend Easter at their new future home last Sunday before the close of escrow, an unusual request that I’ve never seen in almost 14 years of selling real estate.  I was so happy to wake up early to unlock the door and turn on all the lights for them, because holidays and family time is more precious now than ever. Their smiles in their Happy Easter picture in front of their new spectacular home seem even wider than smiles we usually see during other times when the world takes things more for granted.

The deals we’re seeing so far since the Stay at Home Order started have the same story.  Sellers already committed to purchase a new home and so they’re committed to selling their old home.  Buyers are looking for a better space in which to stay at home.

So far we haven’t seen prices drop.   We’re still seeing multiple inquiries about properties, multiple offers on properties, inspections and appraisals.  There are no open houses and in its place, there are virtual showings and drive by’s and agent previews and phone calls with lots of questions before any requests to see in person. Only after lots of vetting is there a request for an individual showing with masks, gloves, and social distancing once it’s determined that an in person showing is absolutely essential.  Perhaps it’s all so special at the end because only people who want it badly enough will go through the effort it takes to get to the finish line. For those people who care so much, it’s an absolute honor and privilege to shepherd them through buying or selling a home in the current climate.

The overriding lesson of Covid-19 remains that everything we still get to do is a gift and we can’t take anything for granted.  Our health is a gift. Our families are a gift. Celebrating a holiday while staying at home is a gift. Religion and prayers at home is a gift.  Our Los Angeles weather is a gift. Sellers who are selling and buyers who are buying are a gift. The privilege to work is a gift.

I think the biggest gift we can individually give to each other these days is generosity of attitude and spirit.  At a time when it’s more natural and reasonable to be anxious and on edge, pushing ourselves to engage with others in a positive and kind way is priceless to those who are the lucky recipients of our courageous choice.

Staying at home presents us with a unique chance to stop and consider how the people staying at home with us experience us.  We have a unique opportunity to give the ultimate gift to the people in our homes by making their experience of us something they’ll fondly remember long after the world opens up and we go back to our regular way of living.

Stay safe and stay strong.  Together, we got this.

Lots of love!


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