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Wildwood Canyon Park

Wildwood Canyon Park

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Who wants to spend hundreds of dollars a year on a gym membership when Mother Nature gave us California’s glorious and varied landscape to explore for free, right? Some of the spots get talked about more than others, while others just sit quietly, doing their thing, and possibly remain unexplored.

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Up above Burbank are some lovely hills–you may have driven up there to have a meal with a view at Castaways, or you may have stuck to the lowlands–and they boast Wildwood Canyon park. There are a couple of miles worth of trails (described as “moderately strenuous”) open inside the park, so grab your shoes and some water, and head on over.

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You can “choose your own adventure” here, so to speak, and cobble together a route to explore; head up one of three ways, and down which ever one you’d like. They are all joined by a central trail up at the top, and each segment is about 1/4 to 1/3 of a mile long. It’s blissfully quiet there, save for the occasional cawing of a crow, scampering of a lizard on the rock face, and the breeze.

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You will see the aforementioned birds and lizards, along with beautiful wildflowers, a view of Burbank and the east Valley (depending on the smog), and, a snake or two. Park along the main roadway, spots are plentiful. Be ready for sandy, narrow, and often very steep paths–some of the segments are a bit precarious and require sure footing. There’s not a lot of places to sit once you’re up and away, but if you pause to catch your breath your reward is a lovely vista. At the bottom there are public restrooms and drinking fountains.

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I liked it. You basically hike straight up the mountain and then it’s easy to get down. It’s all sandy trails, which are easy on the feet. And the views are very cool. Sunset was incredible from up there. Very pleasant and highly recommended.

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Wildwood Canyon Park
1701 Wildwood Canyon Drive
Burbank, California 91501
(818) 238-5440

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