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Winning by a Landslide🏆-TBG Update 12/13

Winning by a Landslide🏆-TBG Update 12/13

It was such an incredible treat last week to close an off market sale representing both buyer and seller.  It’s hard for me to decide which one of both clients were more honorable, smart, reasonable, and professional than the other.  A buyer who is a mensch agrees to pay for the sellers’ carrying costs when the buyers’ Big-Box-Bank lender delays and pushes the close of escrow date a whole week through no fault of the buyer, knowing that the seller pushed to move out of the house in time for the contract close of escrow date.  It’s amazingly inspiring and an absolute honor to witness high level mutual respect in all directions between parties.

Which got me thinking about a house we sold off market in June 2017.  Our buyers were so excited to purchase the house of their dreams that as soon as they opened escrow they donated a full year’s worth of groceries (in the form of subsidizing grocery bills) for a family that struggled to pay for food. I recently touched base with the buyers (who were definitely up there as my favorites). They’re in love with their house, and they’re still sponsoring groceries for people who can’t afford to pay for food!  Since 2017 they’ve increased their contribution and they now sponsor families’ grocery bills through their clergy.  They never stopped feeling grateful and so they never stopped giving back.  I love that.

In November 2019 we represented buyers who bought a house on Citrus.  In the course of inspections we discovered a whole bunch of necessary repairs.  The buyers studied all the reports and then they chose to make an extremely minor request of the sellers to fix some negligible items that almost amounted to no request at all.  When I was surprised at their choice, the buyers explained (in words the sellers’ side always says) – the house is old and not new, every house needs maintenance and repairs, they had no expectation that the house would be in perfect condition, and they plan to make upgrades anyway. The buyers’ approach was unusually generous, respectful, and honorable and two years later I remember it like it was yesterday and I’m still inspired.  Most people don’t do it that way.

In November 2020 we represented both buyer and seller in an off market deal on Gardner and First.  The buyer bought the house with no contingencies as a holiday gift; the couple felt like going all out with an extravagant gift for the holidays for the wife’s brother, her brother’s wife, and their adorable two kids.  I was there when the buyers invited over the recipients of their gift and they presented it to them.  It was also an unforgettable awe inspiring, memorable, touching moment that pulled at the heartstrings.

Very recently, on a sale we represented, when it came time for the buyers to fully commit to their purchase, the buyers decided that they would only remove the last of their contingencies (loan and appraisal) if the sellers agreed to credit the buyers $20,000 off the sales price.  The other contingencies were lifted more than a week earlier.  Once the inspection contingency is lifted we never see requests for money back from the sellers.  The sellers were moving to another state and the sellers timed the purchase of their new house to close two days after their Los Angeles sale closed. This $20,000 request came out of left field and was not supposed to happen.  I called the sellers, justifiably and passionately upset, to let them know of the $20,000 demand in order to move the deal forward.  Their reaction is inspiring and one I’ll always remember too.  They said they’re super excited for their new job opportunity and the house of their dreams in their new city.  They can’t wait to get there.  In the bigger picture of their lives, $20,000 is not worth getting upset over or spending time considering; they choose to focus on their next exciting chapter and celebrate that they’re almost about to begin the adventure of their dreams.  They said to send over the $20,000 credit for them to sign along with the buyers’ full commitment to close.  And don’t stress about any of it.

We’re always hired to protect financial interests and we couldn’t possibly be more passionately enthusiastic or more wholeheartedly committed to selling our clients’ homes for top top dollar and effectively representing our buyers’ choices, decisions, and bottom line.  And then we’re overwhelmingly touched and inspired every time our clients are incredible human beings with a moral compass that clearly drives their bottom line in life – financially and otherwise – much more than (or usually along with) the very smartest business decisions.  We wholeheartedly support and believe in our hearts and souls that in both business and in life, on all levels and in every category, it’s the good guys who win by a landslide.


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